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10 Facts Every Woman Must Know about Breast

1.  Breasts come in all sizes and asymmetry is usual! If your breasts are not the same size they will probably even out by age 21. If they don't you aren't alone. Most folks have some asymmetry. Severe asymmetry may be treated with plastic surgery but this really is rarely necessary.

2.  Breast discomfort or “mastalgia” is incredibly typical and virtually constantly of a benign origin. It is usually caused by a change inside your hormones. Specific points inside your menstrual cycle or gaining or losing weight are widespread causes. So is changing your kind of contraception. You need to see your doctor if you could have severe pain on one side only.

3.  You should do monthly breast exams! Get to know your breasts and examine them lying down and standing up. Breasts are usually lumpy-bumpy so just get to know where the irregularities are to ensure that you can detect changes.

4.  Underwire bras tend not to trigger breast cancer. This is a total myth so knock yourself out and get whatever bra you love that's comfortable for you.

5.  Deodorants tend not to result in breast cancer. This is one more complete myth so please wear deoderant. All of your friends and co-workers will thank you!.The exception is if you might have to have a mammogram then we ask you to leave it off to ensure that the white powder does not make spots on the film.

6.  Early pregnancy and breast feeding can really delay or help prevent breast cancer. You require to full your very first pregnancy before age 25 or 30 for this to make a difference. Quite a few young women today locate that they have other things to do in their 20’s.

7.  Smoking doesn't cause breast cancer. Sometimes I wish that was the case since smoking is so bad for you in so numerous ways it would be convenient to use this as a scare tactic.

8. Family history and genetics are very crucial. Get to know your family members medical background even if it means talking to the weird aunt that always pinches your cheeks or the estranged relative your parents are usually not speaking to.

9. Normal screening does not ordinarily commence until age 40. But, if you might have a family members history it will need to commence much sooner so talk to your doctor about a referral to a breast specialist.

10. You can get breast cancer at any age after puberty, even though it really is extremely rare. If you are worried about any breast changes see your physician. They should listen cautiously and examine you carefully and not minimize your problems due to the fact of the age!

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